Development Release 16/08/2017

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

What's New?

YesBookIt Partner Connection

Bookeasy are currently developing a partner connection with YesBookIt that we hope to share more about in the coming weeks

Promotions UI
In preparation for the upcoming release of the new Promotions Feature, Bookeasy have developers the User Interface for this functionality. This remains hidden for now, until other areas of the project are completed

Operator Website Booking Engine

Bookeasy's long awaited upgrade of operator website booking engine's is currently under development, we will be sure to send out correspondence closer to the release date

Operator Console Development for Website Booking Engine

With this upgrade, a new screen in the operator consoles was required that allows for the setup of the booking engine. Bookeasy will keep this page hidden until correspondence has been sent out to all clients

Staff Console Tracking Code for Operator Website Booking Engines

This new area allows visitor centres or booking agents to add Analytics to their operator's website booking engines, giving invaluable insight into the online habits of potential guests


Selecting Rezdy managed products as 'Internal Only' from within Bookeasy

Bookeasy have re-activated the 'internal Only' field within a Tour Operator's console, when connected to Rezdy. This allows a centre or booking agent to hide the product from the website and only book through the Bookeasy Staff Console

Remove spacing upon saving a Booking Question

Bookeasy received numerous reports of Booking Question Cost Adjustments not applying, and found that for the most part, this was due to a space being saved at the end of the question's answer. We have now ensured that spaces can not be saved by automatically removing spaces as part of the saving process

Image Migration

To future proof the system, and improve current performance, Bookeasy have been making some behind the scenes improvements to how images are stored on our servers

Date Type Booking Questions

Bookeasy have introduced the ability to request booking question answer's in a date format. This date format can now be used on all browsers

Bug Fixes

Bookeasy misinterpreting Rezdy's Seats Used: 1 feature

A particular operator's rates were being read incorrectly, Bookeasy have now ensured the cause of this has been rectified for future rate queries.

Manager Email Address can now be removed entirely from Update Other Details

Bookeasy has now allowed the removal of data from a number of fields on the Update Other Details screen

Operator Types can be added via Bookeasy Staff Console

The Bookeasy Implementations team found that an error was produced upon saving newly added operator types, we are pleased to advise that this has since been resolved

Pickup and DropOff times rendering incorrectly AM/PM

Times reflected next to corresponding pickup and dropoff locations will now reflect the correct AM/PM

Next Available Dates reflecting incorrectly for select operators connected to Rezdy

Bookeasy found that timezones were affecting Next Available calculations, this has now been resolved to ensure that the Next Available date calculates correctly, despite the timezone of the machine being used to view the gadget