Development Release - 03/08/2017

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Kindly note that this week's release has been split into two, with a number of other developments being released on the 26th July. Below is a list of developments that are included in the 3rd August Release.

What's New?

Global Operator Commissions

The upgraded operator commission functionality will provide you with the flexibility to review your business and commission strategy and allow you to reward or negotiate with your operators.
Additionally, a new flat fee (dollar) commission will be available to be applied. For further information, or to join the webinar, Click Here.


Disable Correspondence Section from Bookeasy Member Consoles

The correspondence section has now been hidden from member consoles, this was to ensure operators are unable to send tax invoices to guests booked through a Booking Centre or Agent. Operators using Room or Tour Manager can still send Letters to their guests, however not Tax Invoices or Itinerary Confirmations.

Bug Fixes

Guest Names Unable to Include Apostrophe

Due to Bookeasy's strict security measures, special characters such as apostrophes resulted in an Unexpected Error. As guest names can sometimes include apostrophes, such as O'Connor, Bookeasy have since ensured that apostrophes are permitted.

PayPal Producing Errors

Payments made via PayPal through Bookeasy's booking gadgets are now successfully processed as expected.

Past Booking Unable to be Amended or Cancelled

A particular Room Manager client was having difficulty adding payment to a past booking. This has now been rectified with steps put in place to ensure this issue is avoided in future.

Reservations Calendar Text List to Include Itinerary Level Payments

Room and Tour Manager's Reservations Calendar Text List will now reflect payments made at an Itinerary Level, in the Due column

Event Product Added via Booking Questions

Products which have been added to a booking via Booking Questions will send the guest confirmation for the added product, as well as a PDF Ticket should that product be an event.

Usernames Being Duplicated

When creating an Agent or in Bookeasy, a unique username will be required that is yet to be used throughout the Bookeasy System.

Usernames Defaulting to Rezdy for Newly Created Consoles via Partner Connect

When creating new operators via Partner Connect, the usernames are now inserted as unique values

Booking Totals visible to all operator included in Itinerary

Bookeasy has now hidden Booking Total from other operators included on Itineraries. Member Consoles will now reflect that particular operator's booking cost only.