• Emailing Log Screens  - Bookeasy are pleased to advise of the successful release of the new Email History feature in Staff Consoles
  • Performance Review for Tour Manager Reservations - The Tour Manager Reservations screen has had a performance enhancement to minimise loading times.
  • Custom Report - A custom Finance Report was developed for a partiuclar client and is now available as an Add On
  • Rezdy operators for Affiliates  - Bookeay's Affiliate program now ensures that Rezdy Operators are still available to affiliates for booking both internally and online
  • Packages Upgrades - Bookeasy has invested in upgrading it's current 'Packages' functionality to allow for rates to be calculated using operators daily rates, instead of a static rate entered into the pakcage Setup. This also allows potential customers to book as many passengers as they require as this is no longer stipulated by the Package itself.
  • IP Address Review - Bookeay's new Reviews feature now sends review from the customer's IP as opposed to Bookeay's Load Balancer.
  • Review form Auto Send switch - Has now been developerd to allow a user to activate or deactivate as required.
  • Live Rates Lookup per Operator - Bookeasy's Live Rates threshold has been expanded to 40
  • Add caching to SJP - Caching was added to Bookeay's GetOperatorReviews SJP call to ensure quicker results.
  • Custom Review Questions - Operators will soon have the ability to create Custom Questions to be displayed on customer review forms
  • Customisation Request - To allow for certain fields to be imported into Joomla from Bookeasy
  • Convert new Categories tables into Operator Fields - Bookeasy will now convert category tables from the filemaker system into Operator Fields 
  • Update Livn Method of Adding Product to Cart - Live Rates and Availability checks will now be made earlier in the booking process to avoid users getting right to the end before receiving a 'no availability' message
  • Allow Support staff to retrieve XML messages - Thsi will alleviate the need for Support to utulise a developer resource for simple XML queries posed by operators and channel managers

Bug Fixes

  • Disabling Rezdy Booking Questions selects 'All Products' - Should a question not need to be asked, that has been imported from Rezdy, Operators can now disable them without that impacting the products the question applies to
  • Email History Post Release - Post Release testing picked up some minor improvements and bugs with this new feature that have now been ironed out.
  • Rezdy Rate Mapping Review - Bookeasy have reviewed how Rezdy Rate Plans map to existing Bookeasy Rate Plans to ensure seamless connectivity
  • Payment Reporting - Bookeasy's Report Builder would reflect incorrect payment amounts when using a particular data table during a certain scenario. This has now been resolved by adding a new Column 'ItineraryPaid'