• Edit Review Form  - Developments made on behalf of AA Traveler
  • Operators Information Speed Up - The operators information table has had a fine tune, to ensure results are given in less time
  • Database Queries Monitoring - Bookeasy have invested time into creating notifications to developers should a high infux of errors or time outs occur
  • Upgrade Bootgrid 1.31 - In order to hide the recipient ID, an upgrade to Bootgrid was required.

Bug Fixes

  • Report Builder reflecting incorrect results - Bookeasy's Report Builder now reflects correct results
  • Report Builder omits Other Bookings - Add Other Bookings will now be reflected in Report Builder's results
  • Rezdy BAR rate selected from incorrect product - Rezdy Rates will now correspond with the correct product
  • Time Out Errors after Release - Bookeasy was experiencing a high influx of Unexpected Error screens, changes were made to minimise their occurrence