Bookeasy Release - 22/02/2017


On the 22-02-2017 at 8.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released.



  • Add Fields to Report Builder - Additional fields were added to Report Builder to assist users with reporting
  • Bookeasy ASP Migration - Transferring Bookeasy pages to the new MVC template. Last night's release saw the deployment of 9 pages.
  • Channel Manager Time Stamping - Time Stamps for Channel Manager updates were added to operator Availability Screens and Daily Rates Screens.
  • Agent Console Re-Skin - Bookeasy have enhanced the Agent Console, keeping it's theme inline with the new Bookeasy MVC look
  • White Label Gadgets in Client Consoles - Bookeasy are working towards allowing customers to make additional bookings via the Client Console that they have access to from their email confirmations generated from Bookeasy.
  • Create and Implement Interface to Manage Client Details - Bookeasy has developed the ability for AANZ members to login via their Bookeasy Client Console and hae Bookeasy auto populate information to their guest profile from AANZ databases.
  • Disallow Centres from Importing Existing Operators as 'New' - This feature ensures that centre staff are unable to create duplicate consoles via partner connections.
  • AATraveller Additional Fields from FileMaker to SJP - Bookeasy have enhanced the information pulled from partner systems
  • Add Livn Group Countries as Single Choice Booking Questions - This allows for data to be collected without the need of a free text field where countries could be entered as abbreviations, or misspelled, throwing out statistics
  • AATraveller AANZ Location ID on SJP Location Messages - This enhancement Bookeasy and AATraveller to communicate more efficiently between systems.
  • Accept and Utulise Authentication Tokens in the API - Bookeasy has created the ability for our API to accept and use authentication tokens to allow for a more seamless connection with partner products
  • Expose Reviews Data in SJP - Allows the Bookeasy system to retrieve reviews data

Bug Fixes

  • Tax Invoices Displaying Cancelled Booking Fees - Cancelled booking fees are no longer reflected on Tax Invoices available from Bookeasy Itinerary screens
  • Disable Cost Editing for Partner Supplied Products - Bookeasy has disallowed centres to override rates that are populated from third party suppliers, such as Rezdy
  • Add Day of the Week to Receipts - The day of the week has now been added to Receipts available via the Bookeasy Itinerary screen, due to popular demand.