Bookeasy Release - 24/01/2017


On the 24-01-2017 at 8.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released.



  • Bookeasy ASP Migration - Transferring Bookeasy pages to the new MVC template
  • Livn API - Changes were made to Bookeasy's API to cater for the Livn Connection currently being developed
  • Upgrade Operator Email Logging - This change improves the way Bookeasy sends and logs emails
  • Remove Rezdy specific wording on the partners mapping page - This mapping page will cater to other partners in future so wording must be generic
  • Add Logging to Rezdy - Detailed logging was improved for Rezdy connections.

Bug Fixes

  • Tour Occurrences Appearing Incorrectly - Tour times were incorrectly reflecting on emails and in operator consoles. This has now been resolved.
  • Retail Not Printing for thermal Printers - Retail receipts were printing to thermal printers in an impractical format. Receipts now print at the correct size
  • Booking Questions Issue - Booking Questions prompted by another question were not displaying on emails sent to operator's or guests. This has since been resolved.
  • Livn Tour Import - Imported Tours were missing a close bracket at the end that was causing issues
  • Availability reducing double what was booked - Some Bookeasy Rooms users who were using ResOnline were having availability reduce twice for one booking. This has now been resolved.
  • Rezdy Imported Rate Types - Rate Types imported from Rezdy were calculating incorrectly depending on the number of passengers selected
  • Guest making Multiple Payments via Client Console - Guests were managing to make multiple payments in error via the client console, by refreshing the payment screen and processing the payment again. Bookeasy has since developed this area to ensure this cannot be done
  • Rezdy Booking Questions Import - Were applying questions asked for particular products to all products, this has since been resolved.