Bookeasy Release - 11/01/2017


On the 11-01-2017 at 8.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released.



  • Bookeasy ASP Migration - Transferring Bookeasy pages to the new MVC template
  • LivnGroup Developments - Bookeasy are currently working on a connection between Bookeasy and LivnGroup
  • Directions from Nearest Town - Has now been added to Itineraries sent to Guests due to popular demand
  • GST Changes - A holistic review and changes to the way GST reflects throughout Bookeasy was completed
  • Rezdy Booking Question Import - Reviewed to ensure Booking Questions are imported upon connection, removing the need for this to be done manually.
  • Rezdy Mapping Sreen - Now reflects the Supplier Product Code
  • Expand the Patner Connection API - This now includes additional information provided by Rezdy and LivnGroup
  • Operator Images - The number of images available for operator's to upload to their consoles has now been increased from 6 to 37

Bug Fixes

  • Event Times on Tickets - Event times were incorrectly reflecting on Tickets in a strange format. This has now been resolved.
  • Unable to Open 0 Byte PDF's - A small percentage of itinerary emails to guests included a 0 byte PDF that could not be opened. This has since been resolved.
  • Next Available - Was not working as expected with Next Available dates not appearing if within 6 months and product removing itself from the results. This has now been resolved.
  • Cost Adjustments don't update Staff Console correctly - This change applied only to centres using a particular add on.
  • Emails triggered for itineraries with Deactivated Emails - Payments added to reservations via the Gateway will no longer trigger emails to be sent from the system if emails have been Deactivated.
  • PDF Ticket not sent for Booking Question products - Products added to an itinerary via a Booking Question were not sending all tickets booked, to the guest. This has since been resolved.
  • Rezdy special characters in booking questions - Product was unable to be booked due to Rezdy including special characters in the information sent to Bookeasy, that the Bookeasy system does not accept.
  • Bookings no longer in Chronological Order on Itineraries - With the new itineraries, came an issue that caused the bookings on itineraries to no longer be in chronological order. This has now been resolved.
  • Rezdy Next Available - Was appearing incorrectly on tour searches, this has now been resolved.
  • Retail not printing for thermal printers - Retail receipts were having difficulty printing on thermal printers. This has since been resolved.
  • Rezdy emails sending to guest - Rezdy weer triggering emails to operators and guests for bookings made through Bookeasy that were lacking information. Bookeasy have since developed a feature to turn this off per centre, so only Bookeasy emails are triggered.
  • Online Bookings coming through as Confirmed and Paid - This has now been resolved, with Part Paid bookings dropping into Bookeasy as Part Paid.
  • Rezdy archived tour occurrences appearing - This has since been resolved so no further duplicate occurrences should be seen.
  • Rezdy Price reflecting for one Adult despite searching for multiple - Rezdy rates now reflect correctly for those operators affected.
  • Unable to setup new Rates and Availability Year - Users were facing errors when trying to action this, the issue has since been resolved.
  • Rezdy Availability incorrect - Availability that appears within brackets on Bookeasy's Tour Search was reflecting incorrectly, this has now been resolved.
  • New occurrences not importing from Rezdy - Rezdy users connected to Bookeasy found that after adding a new occurrence in Rezdy, this was not imported to Bookeasy, this has since been resolved.
  • Permit Letters reflecting incorrect # Pax - Permit Letters now reflect the correct number of passengers