On the 19-10-2016 at 8.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released.


  • Guest Types on Ticket PDF's - PDF Tickets will now reflect the pax type that was booked ie Adult, Child etc.
  • All Day option added - Tours and Tickets Operators can now tick 'All Day' for each occurrence, meaning that product is bookable after the start time
  • Collapse Tours Button Upgrade - Buttons now reflect the time in 12 hour format, the price and a call to action


Bug Fixes

  • Tour Manifest Omits Booking Notes - Booking Notes added by a Centre are now reflected in the Exported Manifests
  • Receipts Search Issue - Bookeasy's Retail Receipt Search now works as expected
  • Car Hire Date Change - When searching for Car Hire, dates can now be altered at any stage of the process.
  • External Accommodation Search - Lists of Towns will remain the same after navigating backwards
  • Reverting Currency - Currency selected at an Operator Level will now remain as selected.
  • Agent Voucher Payment Field - Now remains on what was selected
  • Itinerary Details reflecting Incorrect Pax - Operator consoles are now reflecting the correct number of pax types
  • Payment Amount Doubling - Payments added by a Visitor Centre console will no longer reflect as doubled via the Operator Console
  • Unable to Change Booking Status - Bookeasy Tickets Operators are now able to Confirm Reserved bookings from within their Operator Console
  • Reserved Booking dropped in as Confirmed - Reservations made via Visitor Centres for Room Manager users will now drop into the console correctly
  • Report Builder - Will now reflect linked operators only, in the results.
  • CP Emails Sent from Client Console - Should a guest pay their final balance via the Client Console, a CP Email will be triggered.