•  In the gadgets a default currency code can now be added


Bug Fixes

  • Booking Questions not adding cost adjustment in the console- When a booking question was set to ask question per pax, on the front end it will make the cost adjustment per pax. When the internally the cost adjustment was not adding per pax.
  • Hamburger Menu not working on mobile - The hamburger menu in the staff console was not working on ipad or mobile devices 
  • Rate Type Issue- When searching for an Adult Rate within gadget searches, the Child Rate was showing for for some tours
  • Ticket Arrival Dates - Arrival dates on Tickets made in different ways were showing incorrectly. The Arrival date appears to be the day after the Departure for same day tours for some operators
  • Client Console Not Including Extras - The client console was not including extras for room and tour manager, which has been resolved
  • ATDW Event Import - The event import is now working correctly once again.