On the 24-08-2016 at 08.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released.


  • Enhanced Client Console - We have enhanced the client console more information here  
  • Auto Confirm- The autoconfirm for tours has now been updated to work as intended.
  • Returns - We have now updated all past bookings to reflect the improvement to returns
  • Availability Changes - Behind the scenes availability changes for a future project have been release
  • Itinerary Setup Page - We have released the hidden setup page for the upcoming new itineraries
  • Itinerary Changes - 7 behind the scenes tasks have been created for the new upcoming itineraries


Bug Fixes

  • ATDW Events Import - Some further tweaks have been made to the ATDW event import for further location matches
  • Left hand Menu options- Some add ons including trip planner now have their own 
  • Could not save trips- Some trips couldn't not be saved through trip planner
  • Booking Restrictions Extra Person - The extra person cost was not calculating correctly which has now been resolved.
  • Room Manager quick search - The quick search option was not search for names or booking ID's this has now been updated
  • Datafix Japan - A datafix has been run for all japanese operators to have their currency set to Yen
  • Click to revise shopping cart error - The revise shopping cart was not working correctly with 2 or more bookings in the cart. This now functions as expected