On the 10-08-2016 at 08.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released.


  • 504 Gateway Error - We have made a change to returns that will allow them to run faster. This should also stop the issues with the 504 gateway error some clients get when running returns.
  • Operator Imports - We have redesigned the operator import process behind the scenes, allowing for imports to work faster.
  • Operator Search in beControl - We have upgraded the internal operator search screen, to allow for an upgrade to occur in VIC consoles in the coming months
  • New Gateway Available - Braintree Payment Solution is now available as a gateway option
  • Add Fields to report builder - We have added operator username and bank details to the report builder
  • Internal Only - The internal only option for Tours now works as expected
  • Ticket Manifest - Ticket manifest when exporting to CSV now includes booking questions


Bug Fixes

  • ATDW Import - Some further tweaks have been made to the ATDW import for further matches
  • Unable to click revise changes- Some clients received an error when the cost was $0.00 this has now been resolved
  • Viewing Returns error- Some clients could not view a past return, which has now been resolved
  • Retail Tax Invoice displaying staff last name - The last name will now no longer display on retail invoices
  • Click to revise changes - If 2 or more options were in the cart, you had to click the revise changes option for each item.
  • Datafix Japan - A datafix has been run for all japanese operators to have their currency set to Yen
  • Room Manager - Could not adjust the password using the update password link
  • Pax Subtotals  - Pax subtotals were not calculating correctly on the tour manifest
  • Cart Popup change on Tour Manager-  The item details in the cart on Tour Managers Booknow button is now not centered