On the 27-07-2016 at 08.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released.


  • Improve SJP Caching - We have made a change that will allow for more connections to the SJP improving gadget results
  • Add ABA File - Illawarra Mutual Bank now have their own ABA file format
  • Override Cancellation Policy - The override cancellation policy for specific tours is now an option
  • Internal Rate Types - Tour and Event operators will now have their internal rate only display to vic's if ticked
  • Include Inactive or External Operators -We had reported issues whereby clients were trying to search for bookings through the reservation advanced search. However this search does not include inactive or non linked centres. This search will now include all operators where a booking has been made within the last 2 years
  • Add new Google API Keys - We need to adjust all of our gadget API keys as our maps limit was near the maximum
  • Cost Adjustments - Cost Adjustments were deducting from the Paid to operator amount for different bookings if sharing an Itinerary. The booking with the physical Cost Adjustment is paid out correctly, however this amount was then split up and deducted from the remaining bookings on the Itinerary and was paying the operator out minus this amount.


Bug Fixes

  • Unable to view Packages - Some clients could not view packages and an error page was displayed
  • Returns Issues - There were some clients reporting that for specific bookings amounts did not add up
  • Unable to send guest or operator email- Some emails were not manually sending which has been resolved
  • Client console displaying incorrect balance due - Some bookings did not include the correct amount due in the client console
  • Tour Manifest - Some clients the pax on the manifest was not matching the availability. This has now been corrected
  • Saving Tours - Some clients reported when setting up a new tour and error occurred, this has now been resolved.
  • Could not book a tour - Norfolk Island had a bug where their tour operators could not be booked from the new search. This has been resolved
  • Booking Questions  - Really long booking questions were spilling over the border on the checkout page
  • Guest details showing -  Guest details were showing internally for some Room Operators for unconfirmed bookings.