On the 29-06-2016 at 08.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released.


  • Remove Currency Reference - We have removed the currency reference in the begadgets and all emails, as this was causing confusion showing AUD regardless of the operator's trading currency.
  • Member Console Changes - Changed the Res Cal default to be set to all rooms and all status, Have hidden the Total Tue and Payment Total for all operators not linked to an iConnect or direct connect centre
  • Copy Rooms - Accommodation operators now have the option to copy a room like with tours and tickets


Bug Fixes

  • Pay Stay Deal Specials - On some websites when a user had a paystay deal was causing an error not allowing the booking to proceed
  • ATDW Sync - ATDW Imports were not checking against the current tickbox and importing not current. This now checks the original setting and holds the current setting
  • No PDF Ticket - A PDF ticket was not added if the event was setup with one rate
  • Tour Manager Book Now - All Tour Manager booking buttons defaulted to tomorrow's date
  • Deposit appearing when it shouldn't  - In some instances a deposit was being charged when it shouldn't of been
  • Online Bookings not Charging CC Fee - Some customers did not have a CC fee being charged
  • Main navigation disappears on certain pages - On some pages in operator consoles the main menu disappeared. This is now no longer the case
  • Bookings for past 30 days  - Online was not including waholidayguide/Facebook and Mobile stats from the gadgets
  • Pax Names For Tickets - When booking Tickets, if PAX name was required this was not passing through to the booking if booking over the family rate type
  • Trust Monies on Hand - The trust monies on hand report was showing all bookings regardless of the payment reconciled field.
  • Reservation Calendar not showing fully paid  - Some customers report that when hovering cursor over Reservation Calendar in the Main Menu of their RM console, it displays that every booked cottage has (Paid: AUD $0 of AUD say $220). When in fact, it should read fully paid in most cases.
  • Booking Questions not adding to manifest correctly in some cases - When booking 4 people on a tour, each person is asked if they would like lunch for $12  Should the user select 2x Yes and 2x No,  The Itinerary, Booking Screen and Manifest all show 4x Yes resulting in free lunches being given away
  • Cancelled booking fees appearing on short invoice - Cancelled booking fees were still displaying on short invoice 1 and 2, resulting in confusion
  • Bookings could not be made if email address not mandatory - When a booking centre sets the email address not to be mandatory via the Bookeasy Staff Console's "Online Booking Fields" functionality, and a booking is made via the Gadget Menu whereby no email address is provided, an error occurs and the booing cannot proceed.
  • Bookings could not be made if email address not mandatory - The collapse tours mode was not showing more information when turned on