On the 14-06-2016 at 08.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released.


  • New Gateway Provider - Bookeasy's is now connected to eway for further options for a gateway provider.
  • ScrollBar now In IE - Internet explorer can now support the scroll bar on the dashboard
  • Is Internal Only - The updated tour search did not have adhere to the is internal only check box per tour
  • Create Specific Room Gadget Parameter- A gadget parameter now exists to show specific rooms
  • No Tour Numbers -  Number of spots left on a tour did not exist. We now have included this
  • Update SJP Call For Images Whatson - The whats on SJP api call for images is now the full image and not a thumbnail
  • Calendar Date Not Working Logically - In the new searches, when using the today or tomorrow option was not changing the calendar causing confusion
  • Search Caching - The searches were not remembering your original search when going to an operator page and clicking back
  • Item Detail Gadget Not Displaying Status - In some instances the item detail gadget was showing Book Now instead of On Request
  • SMS Update - Tour Operators will no longer receive "nights" in their text message
  • Create Left Hand Menu Links - Left hand menu links will now display if you have the packages or campaign gadgets
  • Behind The Scenes Changes - Multiple Database changes have been made for the tour Injection project

Bug Fixes

  • Could Not Access Media Viewer- Some users could not access the legacy media viewer
  • Adding Product From Booking Questions - When adding two or more of the same product to a shopping cart. Only one cost adjustment can be seen.
  • Inactive Specials - A calculation error was occurring in a very specific circumstance
  • Cannot Add Specials - Some specials could not be added under certain circumstances, this has been resolved.
  • Compulsory Booking Question Not Compulsory  - Some booking questions were not compulsory
  • Agent Console - Auto-populate was not working correctly in the agent console
  • Agent Console Linked Availability - When there was linked availability for the operator booking could not be made and returned an error
  • Bookings for past 30 days  - Online was not including waholidayguide/Facebook and Mobile stats from the gadgets
  • Pax Names For Tickets - When booking Tickets, if PAX name was required this was not passing through to the booking
  • Creating Extras - When creating extras in Tour or Room Manager , if a user double clicked the Save Button, multiple extras were created
  • GST appearing  - GST was appearing on the returns version 1 for operators GST exclusive
  • Number of Infants not pulling through to the cart - Infants were not pulling through to the cart
  • Sort By Total Cost - When sorting by total cost on the reservations search it was not sorting correctly