On the 18-05-2016 at 08.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released. 


  • New Reservation Search - Bookeasy's New Reservation Search has been release - More Information Here.  
  • New Operator Profile Pages - We have implemented new operator profile pages for the new searches
  • Paypal Integration Part 7 - Paypal is now available to be chosen as a payment option via the client console - This finalises the paypal project.
  • Booking Fees - We have implemented a change allowing for booking fees either a $ or % to be setup for accommodation, Tours and Events
  • Increasing Image Downsize- We have increased our downsizing to 1920px wide - This has been increased from 730px wide
  • Accom Search 2.0 - Create Children and Infants Tooltips
  • Redirect Bestselling Operators  - We have redirected the Best Selling operators to the new operator pages in preparation for the next release


Bug Fixes

  • Beta Searches - All Beta Accom and Tour Searches were missing from the left hand menu on all .asp webpages - They will now display no matter the page you are on
  • Maximize space on Tour and Accom Searches - We have moved the page heading into the blue header bar allowing for extra space to show results.
  • Date Display Issue across Time Zones - The calendar was displaying 1 day ahead if there was a conflicting timezone. This has now been resolved. 
  • SQL Changes - Internal updates to allow for further DB changes for future changes.
  • Room and Tour Manager Miscalculating of remainder owing when cancelled bookings are displayed