The Payments Today page lists all unreconciled payments a Booking Centre has processed in Bookeasy.  Bookeasy recommends that you reconcile your processed payments on a daily basis in order to ensure that all payments have been accounted for and are true and correct.

Some of the features from the Payments Today page include:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Easily view specific payment types
  • A search feature
  • Hide unused columns
  • Simply click anywhere on a payment record to select the entire row

How to reconcile your payments
You can open the payments today screen from the left hand menu or using the tile from your main menu's dashboard (screenshot below).

The payments today page will default to show 50 payments per page. You can choose to show more, however this may affect the speed in which the page loads. 

You can also click the icon next to the number of results in order to show a list of columns displayed, and you can deselect columns if you wish so they don't display.

The payments today report can also also be filtered per Booking Location, Payment Location, Payment By and Payment Date To and From. To show the report filters at the top of the page you can simply click the Report Filters option and use the drop down or date picker to refine your results.

Reconciling Gateway Payments
In a new tab or window in your web browser we also recommend you login to your secure payment gateway and pull up the transaction summary for the time period you are wanting to reconcile.  

In regards to online Gateway Payments, for consideration please note that you may wish to wait until the following day before you reconcile your Gateway payments.  This will allow you to account for the online Gateway Payments your organisation may receive after hours via your website.

In addition you may wish to also consider the procedure for when you decide to reconcile your Gateway Payments, as you have two options:
  1. Reconcile your Gateway payments in Bookeasy based on the transaction report in your secure payment gateway.  This is a record of all stored payments in your Internet Merchant Account and may not reflect what has been physically deposited into your trust or business account.

  2. Reconcile your Gateway payments in Bookeasy based on the Bank Reconciliation report your secure payment gateway or bank can provide, as this will be a record of what has been physically deposited into your trust or business account.

As a default ALL payments will be displayed, however you can select the GATEWAY tab/option at the top of the list of payments in order to only display the Secure Gateway Payments. 

When reconciling your payments you can do so by either checking off each individual payment recorded in Bookeasy against it's corresponding record you are reconciling against, or you can reconcile the total amount recorded in Bookeasy against the total amount recorded in the corresponding record you are reconciling against.

If reconciling each payment individually, as you check each transaction provided by your secure payment gateway's report, tick them off in the Payments Today screen by either clicking the box on the left hand side of the corresponding payment (or you can simply click anywhere in the row to automatically select that row).  If using SecurePay it should be noted for easy reference that the last 7 digits of the transaction reference number on its transaction report will correspond to the itinerary number recorded in Bookeasy and the Payments Today screen.  Additionally you may also find that the Payor/Payee column might list the Bookeasy itinerary number.

If reconciling the total amount recorded, at the bottom right of the Payments Today screen a total is listed - If this total matches your secure payments gateway report you can select all of Gateway payments in Bookeasy by clicking the select all box at the top of the list.

Once you have selected all the payments you wish to reconcile, select the Secure Payments payment type radio button and click the Reconcile Payments button.

Once you have clicked the reconcile payments button this will produce a report of reconciled secure gateway payments that you can PRINT for your daily banking records (printing is not mandatoryI).

Reconciling Other Payment Types (such as Cash and Eftpos)
You can repeat the above process for all other payment types.  Bookeasy recommends you select the payment type using the tab/option at the top of the list of payments in order to filter and focus on the payment type you are reconciling.

Once you have selected all the payments you wish to reconcile, select the Other Payments payment type radio button and click the Reconcile Payments button.

Once payments have been reconciled they will no longer display on this page. If you wish to view a list of already reconciled payments you will need to view the Payment History page.

Printing Payments Today

Located at the bottom of the page is a download to PDF option from here the page can be printed. More information on printing your payments today can be found here