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Previously and before new updates were installed, I could print the payment history which included the summary.  Since the updates, Payment History is now exported to excel (or pdf file) and does not include the summary.  I now export the payment summary into excel and then copy and paste the summary onto the spreadsheet and then need to play around with the spreadsheet so that this is in a legible format for printing.  This involves a lot more time on each payment history report that is required for each day of trading.  Due to our auditing protocols, I need to have each day balanced, cross checked and printed for General Manager to sign off.  Are other Visitor Centres having issues with this?

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Thanks so much for your feedback Anita,

Although we do have a task raised internally to ensure the Payment Summary is included in the export, we followed your steps in regards to copying and pasting the Payment Summary into the spreadsheet. After pasting, you should see a Paste Symbol (clipboard) next to the information added, should you click on this symbol and select 'Match Destination Formatting' it automatically formats the information to match your existing spreadsheet

This should take no more than two clicks to format this summary into a legible format once it has been pasted in

While we work on getting this summary included in the export, please do give this a go and see if it cuts the time down that is currently required to manipulate the data, it should be taking no more than around 8 seconds to copy, paste and select 'Match Destination Formatting'

I have included a couple of screenshots of this process below to assist

After Pasting -

After selecting 'Match Destination Formatting' -

I hope this helps!

We will be sure to advise of any progress made on getting the summary onto the export, as we are made aware.

Thanks again for taking the time to report the discrepancy
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