Territory Tourism Voucher Campaign

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The Northern Territory Government has announced another two rounds of the Territory Tourism vouchers delivering up to 81,000 vouchers in total. Round 2 launched on 2 November 2020 and Round 3, will launch on 1 February 2021.

The Voucher provides an incentive to support our struggling tourism industry and to experience the great Territory lifestyle by encouraging Territorians to purchase bookable tourism products. Bookings can be made online, over the phone or in person through a local visitor information centre in Darwin, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. 

The Territory Tourism Voucher is supported by a marketing campaign ‘Never have I ever…’, which asks Territorians to think about tourism experiences they hear and see tourists doing day in and day out but have never got around to experiencing themselves. This stimulus for locals to experience the Territory’s tourism products is an incentive to spend money with operators to allow to sustain your business until borders re-open and interstate tourists can visit.


How can I add or remove an Operator to the Promotion?

  1. Login to your staff console
  2. Search for 'Promotions' in the left-side menu
  3. Search for the Promo Name -Territory Tourism Voucher Round 2
  4. Edit
  5. Select Operator section to add or remove Operators

The Operator uses a tour booking system, how can they be linked?

If they use Rezdy or FareHarbor they need to ensure to share their products with your booking centre. Once this is done, please contact the Bookeasy Support team to proceed with the connection inside Bookeasy and your console.

Partner Connection Top Tips: 

  • Operator requires a refresh (rate name updates, express availability refresh): this can be done via your console. Click here for the steps or contact Bookeasy support to do this. 

  • Operator has added new products or made updates to the product name: Contact Bookeasy support to assist with making these changes visible.  

For more information please follow this link - Partner Connections.

The Operator uses a channel manager, how can they be linked?

Please click here to check if their channel manager is compatible with Bookeasy. If the channel manager is compatible then follow this link for a step-by-step on how the Operator can proceed with the mapping - Accommodation using a Channel Manager


How to maximise the voucher use for customers:

Each voucher will be capped at $200 per $400 spent. Example scenarios:

  • If the customer purchase is under $400, they will save 50% off the total booking cost by redeeming one voucher.
  • If the customer purchase is $400 or over, they will save the maximum $200 off the total booking cost by redeeming one voucher.
  • If the customer purchase is over $400, they can increase the maximum discount by redeeming more vouchers. With 3 vouchers they can save up to $600, as long as this doesn’t exceed 50% of the total booking cost.

The voucher is not working.

There are a few possible reasons for this:

1. The voucher has expired, is void or invalid

Ask the customer to check the Voucher number provided. Has it been entered correctly? Is it still valid and ensure it has been entered correctly. If yes, refer to the Territory Tourism Voucher FAQs here.

2. The voucher is valid but it's not working for a specific Operator

If a specific Operator is not linked to the Promotion the voucher will not work. Go ahead and link the Operator with the steps provided above.

Booking Administration

Can I use the 'add other booking' feature to process a booking with the voucher?

Yes, this feature is now available. Please note: this should only be used in very specific cases. 

1. If a specific product or availability is not showing correctly or,
2. If you encounter an issue with a partner connected Operator.

Can I create a package for this campaign?

Yes, you can create packages. A few tips:

  • Create a package with a minimum $400 value to maximise the voucher usage
  • Ensure the operators are linked to the Promotion
  • You can choose specific product (s) for each operator
  • Leave the option to 'allow tours to be booked on day of check-out' unticked


Are there any changes to the Operator Return process?

There is no change to the Operator Return process.

Updating Operator Commission % 

A review of the correct commission % is suggested when reviewing bookings included in an Operator Return. If any require an update simply click 'Edit' and set the correct commission % then Save.

Are there any changes to the daily Reconciliation process?

Discount Voucher payment records need to be reconciled in the same way as other payment methods. If this is not done then the payment record will be excluded from the Operator Returns process.

Reporting - Discount Voucher Audit Report

A custom report for the purpose of the campaign is available in each Bookeasy console in the Reporting section. 

Top Tips: 

  • Suggested filters to apply:
    • Booking From Date = 02/11/2020 (always)
    • Audit From Date = report frequency
    • Booking Date Range = 02/11/2020 (recommended as the default) 
    • Audit Date Range = the period requested (week, fortnight, month). The period of time we want to

      see changes reported for.

  • Consider how often the report is run
  • Consider who runs the report
  • What other data from this report can be used

Example: Weekly Report

Booking is made on 02/11/2020 then cancelled or edited on 20/12/2020 then if:

Booking Date Range = 02/11/2020 to 08/11/2020

Audit Date Range = 02/11/2020 to 08/11/2020

The report will show the booking made, including all transactions, etc recorded when the booking was made.

But if:

Booking Date Range = 02/11/2020 to 20/12/2020

Audit Date Range = 14/12/2020 to 20/12/2020

The report will show the cancellation, where the booking value was reversed to $0, including any refund transactions, etc recorded for that booking during that audit period.

Bookeasy Support and Help

Contacting the Bookeasy Support team: 

Email: support@bookeasy.com

Phone:  07 5668 2530

Remember to:

  1. Provide as much detail as possible in your support request (Itinerary or booking number, steps taken, error message)
  2. Request for a call back or to book in dedicated time with our team if you need any help with Product Set Up i.e. packages
  3. Place 'URGENT' in the subject line for any booking related error messages or if bookings are unable to be processed (these will be deemed critical and escalated)