Tourism WA A million reasons to Wander out Yonder Campaign

What is it?

West Australians have been taking heed of the Wander out Yonder Tourism Campaign, exploring their home state, going further and staying longer.

The next phase of the campaign will feature a marketing activation focused on bookable tours and experiences. The program will encourage West Australians to engage with local tourism operators and support the survival and sustainability of guided tours and tourism experiences across Western Australia.

Visitors will be able to book via as well as via a number of participating  Visitor Centres.

For the full FAQs related to the campaign and vouchers please click here.

Eligible Tour Operators

For the full Operator FAQs including Eligibility Criteria please click here

How can I add an eligible Operator to the Campaign?

If they have a Bookeasy listing:

  • Contact the Bookeasy Support team (contact details at the end of this page) and provide the listing name and Bookeasy ID and the team will add the Operator to the Campaign.

If they don't have a Bookeasy listing:

  • Please create a Bookeasy console for the Operator.
  • Ensure the console is updated with all the relevant information and products.
  • Once the listing is completed, contact the Bookeasy Support team to link the listing to the Campaign.

If you are unsure if the Operator has a Bookeasy listing, please contact the Bookeasy Support team.

How do I remove an Operator from the campaign?

Please ensure first that this Operator is not active in your own VIC console. Then contact the Bookeasy Support team to remove from the campaign as well.

How do I remove a specific tour/activity product that is not eligible for the campaign?

  • Login to the Operator console.
  • Navigate to Tours/Tickets > Click on the tour name you do not want to show > Advance options > Tick the box next to 'Book Internally Only'.

The Operator uses a tour booking system, how can they be linked?

If they use Rezdy or FareHarbor they need to ensure the connection is active with the Booking Centre mothership. Then notify the Bookeasy Support team to proceed with the steps to connect the Operator to the campaign. 

Please note: The Operator does not need to establish a direct connection with Tourism WA via their booking system. 

For more information please follow this link - Partner Connections.

How to check if the operator commission is set correctly?

The default booking centre commission percentage is automatically applied. To easily review, you can check via Operator search > Commission, or via the booking itinerary itself. You can also ensure the commission is applied correctly when running the Operator Returns.


How are the vouchers applied to bookings?

Visitors on the website or VIC staff will need to input the voucher number into the Promo Code field to redeem the promotion.

How to maximise the voucher use for customers?

A minimum $200 spend is needed to apply the total $100 discount. This can be done by choosing a high-value product, selecting multiple low value products from more than 1 operator or increasing the pax to ensure the minimum spend is applied.

Can multiple vouchers be used?

Yes, but once the booking hits the $200 min spend for each product in the cart, the product is eligible for a discount up to 50% of its cost. When using multiple vouchers, this means the discount is capped at 50% of the booking ($1 for $1 cap). 

The voucher is not working!

There are a few possible reasons for this:

1. The voucher is void or invalid

Ask the customer to check the Voucher number provided and ensure it has been entered correctly. If yes, refer to the Tourism WA FAQs here.

2. The minimum spend was not applied

If a customer chooses to book an experience that is less than $200 total value the voucher will not work.

3. The voucher is valid but it's not working for a specific Operator booking

If a specific Operator is not linked to the campaign the voucher will not work. To check if the Operator is linked, go to and ensure the Operator appears there. If not, please contact the Bookeasy Support team to add to the campaign ASAP.

Booking Administration

Booking Scenario Examples

Making a Standard Booking

  1. Add an item that is equal to or exeeds a minimum $200 value
  2. Enter the promo code (voucher number) provided by the customer into the promo code field 
  3. Click apply
  4. The promotional discount will apply to the booking and clearly show
  5. Click proceed to checkout, continue entering customer details
  6. Once the booking has been made a discount voucher will be applied
  7. Finalise the remaining payment owing as per normal

Making a Multi Product Booking

  1. Add multiple bookings using eligible Tour product(s) to the cart to exeed the minimum $200 value requirement
  2. Click add to cart for each product you wish to book
  3. Once all items are in the cart, enter the promo code
  4. Click apply
  5. The promotional discount will automatically apply across all of the applicable products
  6. Once the booking has been made a discount voucher will be applied
  7. Finalise the remaining payment owing as per normal

Amending a Booking - Customer Initiated

If a customer requests a booking amendment the following process is recommended:

  1. Reservation Search > Input intinerary number > View itinerary
  2. View the operators cancellation policy to confirm if an amendment is possible
    1. If the customer requests a date change (must be before 31 December 2020) 
      1. Check availability for the Operator and product booked
      2. If the date change is able to proceed > Edit the booking
      3. Change the date > Click save
    2. If the operator cannot accommodate the date change
      1. The booking centre should search eligible tours for a suitable alternative and proceed as per normal with a booking edit. 

Note: On the calender, dates marked in green are available, greyed out is unavailable. 

Amending a Booking - Operator Initiated

If the operator advised they cannot accept the booking the following process is recommended:

  1. Reservation Search > Input intinerary number > View itinerary
  2. Confirm if the operator can accept the booking for alternative dates. 
    1. If yes, contact the customer to seek agreement to amend the booking. Proceed as normal. 
  3. If the operator cannot accomodate the booking at all. 
    1. Search for eligible tours as an alternative.
    2. Contact the customer to advise and present the alternative options. 
    3. If the customer accepts the alternative, proceed with a booking edit as per normal.

Note: if the operator has limited to no availability you may wish to submit a request to remove them from the campaign to avoid customer disappointment. 

If I cancel a booking and re-book with another operator, does anything need to be done with the voucher?

No, the same voucher can still apply in the itinerary. VIC staff need to cancel the original booking, then proceed with a new booking and add to the same itinerary so the voucher can still apply.

Can I use the 'add other booking' feature to process a booking with the voucher?

Yes, this feature will be available. Please note: this should only be used in very specific cases. 
1. If a specific product or availability is not showing correctly or,
2. If you encounter an issue with a partner connected Operator.


Are there any changes to the Operator Return process?

There is no change to the Operator Return process. We recommend considering running these more frequently if you are processing large volumes of bookings.

Updating Operator Commission % 

A review of the correct commission % is suggested when reviewing bookings included in an Operator Return. If any require an update simply click 'Edit' and set the correct commission % then Save.

Are there any changes to the daily reconciliation process?

Discount Voucher needs to be reconciled in the same way as other payment methods. If this is not done then the payment record will be excluded from the Operator Returns process.


A Discount Voucher Audit Report is available via Report builder, please follow these steps to access it: 

  1. Login to your Bookeasy Console
  2. Reporting (left hand menu)
  3. Report Builder
  4. Report Name > Discount Voucher Audit Report
  5. Booking From Date: 21/09/2020
  6. Booking To Date: (VIC to nominate)
  7. Audit From Date: 21/09/2020
  8. Audit To Date: (VIC to nominate)
  9. Run Report
  10. Export Report

You can also save this Report to your console: Click 'edit' and tick 'show in your console'. This Report will be saved under Reporting (left-hand menu) for easy access.

VIC website bookings

How to enable the Promotion on your own website.

1. Enable promo code field on the Cart and Booking gadget.

2. Consider creating a campaign page to showcase Eligible Tour Operators. 

Website updates

Any updates to content inside Bookeasy can take up to 24hrs to reflect on websites.


Operators can have up to 4 locations set and this needs to be activated by the Operator mothership. If your VIC is not the Operator mothership, you will need to liaise with the mothership directly to ask for a location change.

Bookeasy Support 

If you have any questions please reach out to the Bookeasy Support team:


Phone:  07 5668 2542