Who is Bookeasy?

Bookeasy is the behind the scenes software that powers bookings for 150+ visitor information centres, booking centres, destination websites and specialised tourism services around Australia and New Zealand.

Bookeasy has a strong relationship with Rezdy and we are keen to work with you to increase your distribution through Bookeasy’s extensive network of booking centres and websites.

Bookeasy has worked with Rezdy over a number of years to develop a seamless connection between the two systems. The connection enables us to do an initial import of your business and product into Bookeasy, which includes descriptions, images and products; which means you don't have to set anything up in Bookeasy. The two-way connection then provides real-time updates of your product's rates and availability, with bookings dropping directly into your Rezdy account and automatically adjusting your availability.

Bookeasy, traditionally a B2B system, works in the background to connect your products with visitor centres and booking services who are our clients.  Your one Bookeasy console can be connected with multiple visitor centres/booking services.  Due to the API limitations of the Rezdy-Bookeasy connection, you will need to share your rates with each specific visitor centre/booking service.  

You can view our full list of clients here, and you can also contact each of them individually to discuss distributing your product to them via their Visitor Centre and/or websites.  Please note that some Centres may have membership/listing fees. 

Who is Book Australia?

Book Australia is a B2C booking site, developed by the Bookeasy team, to facilitate more bookings for tour and activity operators through partnering with Affiliates around Australia.  BookAustralia.com.au offers a one-stop-booking-shop for tours, activities and accommodation all around Australia, and is partnering with a number of unique booking services and smaller visitor centres to create an extensive affiliate network; meaning more bookings for you!

Affiliates could include;

  • Smaller Visitor Information Centres who don't have the funding or resources to take on the full Bookeasy-system,
  • Specialised booking services who are looking to tap into Bookeasy's extensive network of bookable (instant and on-request) Australian tourism product,
  • Travel agents who are looking for unique product that their GDS may not have available.

What will Book Australia do: 

  • Make and process a booking on your behalf, based on the information loaded in your Rezdy account, connected to Bookeasy.
  • Take full payment from the guest at the time of booking, with confirmed bookings abiding by your terms & conditions.
  • Charge you a 15% commission on all bookings made by them, or their affiliates. There are no additional listing or membership fees.
  • They will forward payment to you monthly for all bookings, following the tour’s departure.

Ready to have your product listed on Book Australia?

If you are ready to proceed and connect your products to Book Australia:

  1. Share your negotiated rates with the "Book Australia (Bookeasy) (M)" agent on the Rezdy Marketplace.

  2. We will receive an email from Rezdy advising us you have done so. 

  3. Bookeasy will then import your business information from Rezdy into Bookeasy, connect your bookable tours & products to Book Australia & confirm once completed.

If you would like more information or have any questions before connecting to Book Australia, please feel free to email us at opsupport@bookeasy.com.