How the connection process works?

  • Each Booking Centre has been set up with an Agent account in FareHarbor
  • Tour Operators using FareHarbor will need to share their products with the chosen Booking Centres. The FareHabor Support team can assist if necessary.
  • Once that’s done, please notify the Bookeasy Support team  to get the Tour Operator mapped in Bookeasy
  • Bookeasy will connect, map & sync the selected operator/product provided via Fareharbor
  • Centres can then follow the usual process of making bookings via the Bookeasy Staff Console or Destination Website!

Things to note before the connection:

  • Each operator supplied by FareHarbor is required to be connected by their Bookeasy Mothership first. 
  • The connection with each Centre is unique, so every linked Centre needs to be linked individually
  • When Bookeasy connects an operator, there is an option to synchronise them to an existing Bookeasy operator console, or add them as a new Bookeasy operator. If Bookeasy synchronises an operator supplied by Fareharbor to an existing operator console, the operator’s existing tour product will be archived and not bookable via the Staff Console or Destination Website (only the FareHarbor supplied tours).
  • Once a connection is established, Bookeasy recommends you check the operator’s setup via their Bookeasy console.
  • The maintaining of inventory, rates and availability is managed directly via FareHarbor, not via Bookeasy. You won't be allowed to make any changes on those areas directly in Bookeasy.

Note: Please ignore the information about rate types, availability and pricing options imported into the Bookeasy console after the connection, these are indicative only. All rates and availability are quoted live when adding to cart and making a booking