You can link operator accounts together so that an operator can simply switch between multiple accounts. This is great for operators who have multiple operator consoles for various properties or businesses. Before you link consoles together you will need to get the operator ID's of the consoles you wish to link together. This can be done by doing an operator search and clicking on the name and the operator ID is listed on the page. (Screenshot)

Once all the ID's have been obtained please follow the below steps:

1. Login to Bookeasy

2. Search one of the operators

3. Located under the action column click update other details (screenshot)

4. Click the add a new linked account button

5. Enter the operator ID, you can also search the name of the operator if you need (screenshot)

6. You can then click the add new linked account button to enter more operators

7. Once done you can click save changes at the bottom of the screen

Once saved the accounts will be linked. To remove a linked account simply click remove and click save changes.

For a full detailed help guide on operator administration please click here