What is an add other booking?

Add other booking is a function from your Bookeasy staff console where a booking is inserted to the operators console. This is a record of a booking ONLY, it does not attach to product, which means you need to manually set the cost and PAX.

How to make an add other booking?

  1. Login to Bookeasy
  2. Go to operator search and search the operator you wish to book.
  3. Under the action column there is a link to "Add Other Booking"

  4. Then simply set the total cost and PAX
  5. Proceed to checkout and process the booking as per usual

Please note, this should only be used as a last resort. Please ensure if you do Book this way you advise the operator directly, as if using a partner connection (Tours) or Channel Manager (Accom) as the booking will NOT be sent to that system.

We have included the following 5 reasons you should avoid using Add Other Booking:

1. Bypasses any channel manager/partner connection involvement, so no availability is updated. High chance of double bookings!!
2. Room and Tour information is not imported to the itinerary
3. Bookings do not appear in accommodation or tour reports
4. Does not encourage operators to update availability if they receive bookings this way
5. Extra time taken to enter relevant information

Are you are having problems to make a booking the normal way? If yes, please contact the Support team ASAP so we can assist you to ensure you are able to make a booking.