The partner connection status report allows a booking centre to force a connection refresh for any partner connected operators. This previously was required to be actioned by Bookeasy support.

A refresh of connection can be used to force changes back to Bookeasy from the channel partner, this can update things like rate discrepancies, last minute price changes or availability, new/amended booking questions, etc.

To use the report please follow the below steps.

  1. Login to Bookeasy
  2. Open left hand menu
  3. Go to operators > Partner Connection Status OR use the quick search available in the left hand menu
  4. This page will display a list of all operators capped at 25 operators per page.
  5. To force a refresh simply click the icon on the right ( Click here for screenshot)
  6. Click Force refresh on the popup

Please note, you still need to contact Bookeasy support for the below cases:

        1. Connect new operators

        2. Connect new products

        3. Some cases might require a full disconnect/re-connect to keep the connection in sync.