Content & Connection

What the Operator/Property Manager needs to do within YesBookit to get connected?

Property Managers need to contact the YesBookit Support team to connect their listings to Bookeasy 'distributor'. Once that is done Bookeasy Support team is able to import & map listings for each Booking Centre

What data is imported when the initial YesBookit mapping occurs?

  • Majority of the Business Details except a few fields (more details in the YBI - complete guide)
  • Room Details
  • Daily Rates including minimum nights
  • Room Availability
  • Standard Images only

Does Bookeasy update descriptions and images if the operator update these fields in YesBookit?
No, descriptions and images are not automatically updated after the first mapping has been done. If the operator change these fields in YesBookit, this needs to be done in Bookeasy directly also.

Can a YesBookit Operator offer ‘on request’ rooms?

No, Operators connected via YBI can only have gold medal (instant confirmation) rooms.

Can we map a YBI Operator to a current console? Is there anything we need to do?

Yes, we can map a YBI Operator/listing to a current console. A few things to keep in mind when mapping to a current console:

  • Rooms loaded directly in Bookeasy will need to be either deleted or made inactive
  • Previous Channel managers mapping to this console need to be disabled via the Channel Manager.

The Operator have a number of consoles in Bookeasy and individual listings in YesBookit, how can we map these?

The mapping needs to be one YBI listing = One Bookeasy console. 

Are Security Deposits included in the price provided by YBI?

No. However, when a YesBookit operator is imported as a brand new operator, the following generic text is imported into the operator’s business description, room description and cancellation policy:
"A refundable security deposit may be payable to the accommodation provider.  If applicable, the accommodation provider will contact you to advise, inclusive of the deposit amount and its payment terms.  Upon making your booking, you authorise the accommodation provider to contact you so they can arrange payment of any applicable security deposit."

Can we have any issues if we change the Bookeasy Password for a YesBookit Operator?

No, the password is not linked to this connection.


How does availability work for YBI connected Operators?

Due to certain restrictions and limitations regarding YBI's supplied interface, when viewing Region search results it should be noted that a room's rates and availability is cached and updated once a day.
Once you view the operator's product page (or item details gadget page), Bookeasy conducts a live quote in order to get the most up to date rates and availability information.

Amendments & Cancellations

Can I amend or cancel a YBI booking?

Due to certain restrictions and limitations regarding YBI's supplied interface, booking centres are not able to amend YBI bookings. 

In addition, YBI does not support cancellations.  So if a booking is cancelled in Bookeasy, it will not update the operator’s availability in YBI. As a result, when a cancellation occurs in Bookeasy, Bookeasy will issue the operator a custom email that clearly states that “YesBookit is unable to process this booking cancellation and has not updated your availability.”