How the connection process works?

  • Before making any connection requests, please ensure you have had commercial discussions with the YesBookit Property Manager.  
  • Booking Centres to contact Bookeasy with details of the YesBookit Property Manager, and if available, provide a list of the specific properties you would like connected.
  • Bookeasy will request that YesBookit Support to connect the Property Manager with Bookeasy.  *Note: PMs are unable to make the initial connection to Bookeasy themselves.
  • YesBookit will advise Bookeasy once the connection is ready, and Bookeasy will connect, map and sync the selected listings and confirm once live.
  • Booking Centres can then follow the usual process of making bookings via the Bookeasy Staff Console or Destination website!

Things to note before the connection:

  • A YesBookit help guide is available here:
  • Most YesBookit properties require a security deposit. Bookeasy has included a standard disclaimers in each imported regarding potential security deposits, so the guest is aware this might be payable direct to the property.
  • The YesBookit connection does not support cancellations. If a booking is cancelled in Bookeasy, the Property Manager will need to manually cancel the booking in their YesBookit system. 
  • When Bookeasy connects an operator, there is an option to synchronise them to an existing Bookeasy operator console, or add them as a new Bookeasy operator. If Bookeasy synchronises an operator via YesBookit to an existing operator console:
    • The Operator's existing accommodation will need to be either deleted or made inactive
    • Current channel manager connections with the console will need to be disabled via the channel manager
  • Once the connection is established, Bookeasy recommends you check the operator's setup via their Bookeasy console.
  • The maintaining of inventory, rates and availability is managed directly via the Property Manager's YesBookit system, not via Bookeasy. You won't be allowed to make any changes to those areas in Bookeasy.

Note: Indicative rates and availability are displayed in the region search, based on the most recent YesBookit refresh. All rates and availability are quoted live in the Operator's product details, when adding to cart and making a booking.