This guide will teach you how to create rooms from your member console.

  1. Login to your member console
  2. Click the rooms and rates icon on the main dashboard OR hover over Setup and go to Rooms and Rates

  3. Click Add a new room 
  4. Fill out the fields to create a room and click save changes 

Each field has been outlined below

  • Room Type - Enter the room name that consumers will see
  • Should the room type display for online bookings - Tick this box to make the room active
  • How many actual rooms do you have - Enter the max number of rooms you wish to sell.
    Note you cannot sell over this number. If you have a holiday house that you sell as the entire house only need to enter 1 as the availability not the number of rooms the house has.
  • Copy Room Name - As you can assign customers to rooms, you need to label the room names.
  • Room Configuration - Select the best match for the room configuration, if there isn't a match please contact your controlling centre to have this created.
  • Booking Deadline - If you wish to stop people being able to book a certain number of days out, simply check the box and choose the number of days
  • Interrogate Availability - Ticking this box will mean bookings will only be made if consecutive nights are available to be allocated. If not using Room Manager this can be ignored.
  • Link Availability - Ticking this box will allow you to link availability with another room, when one room is booked or updated the other linked room will be adjusted as well.
  • Maximum Number Of Guests - Enter the number for the max guests allowed in the room
  • Maximum Number of Days - Set a number if you wish to limit the max number of days that can be booked.
  • Description - Enter a detailed room description.
  • Current Bedding Configuration - This field can be ignored as it is legacy functionality 
  • Number of Guests included in the daily rates - Set the number of guests that are included in the rate set
  • Default Rate - This is the rack rate so set the highest room rate
  • Nightly Extra Charge per adult - The nightly charge per adult
  • Nightly Extra Charge per child - The nightly charge per child
  • Last Minute Inclusion - Tick the box to be included in last minute deals
  • Do not allow infants (< 2 years) - Tick this box if you do not allow infants
  • Do not allow children (2 - 12 years) - Tick this box if you do not allow children
  • Include Infants in Pax Count - Ticking this box will treat each infant blooked as a pax in the room.
  • Is a bond required? - NOTE: The bond will only be charged if booked through a Booking Centre that has enabled bonds.
  • Is this room bookable for Campaigns only? - Ticking this box will make this room available for campaigns only
  • Campaigns able to book this room   - Click the drop down to choose what campaign to be included on
  • Limit this room so it's ONLY bookable in a Package?  Ticking this box will make this room available for packages