The purpose of the Detail Payment Breakdown report is to provide a detailed breakdown of the allocation of all payments made and/or reconciled in Bookeasy.*

You can access the report via the left menu of your Bookeasy Staff Console under "Financials":

There are a number of parameters you can use to filter the report:

  • Search Type (Reconciled Date vs Payment Date)
  • Date Range Search
  • Payment locations
  • Payments by
  • Payment type
  • Product type i.e. accommodation, tour, event, fee, retail etc.  
  • Operators (the filter drop down includes the operator ID in brackets to help identify)
  • Retail products (the filter drop down includes the product ID in brackets to help identify)

When the report is run the user is presented with four tabs, with each tab representing the data in the following formats:

Detailed Breakdown

The detailed breakdown view includes a snap shot of all information relating to the payment, and where it has been allocated.

Operator Summary

The operator summary view lists payments allocated per operator. Please note as retail sale items and fees do not belong to an operator, your business name will appear as the operator name. 

Product Summary

The product summary view allows you to view payments allocated to specific product types, from retail products to specific rooms or tours. 

Category Summary

The category summary includes a snap shot of the payments allocated per product type.

Each tab has their own independent CSV export, which will export the data on screen.

Examples of when you would utilise this report:

  • Reporting on the retail product sales over a date range
  • Reporting on revenue per operator and operator type 
  • Reporting on booking & handling fees


Does the Product Summary tab only include Retail products?

No.  Bookeasy has always considered "products" as any bookable or sellable product.  This includes accommodation, tours, ticketed events, car hire, retail items and fees.

Why do I see our organisation’s name listed as an "Operator" on the report?

When payments are made for products sold such as retail items, booking and amendment fees, booking centre cancellation fees and unallocated payments, the payment is not attributed or allocated to any specific tourism operator.  They are instead allocated and given ownership to you, the booking centre.

What’s an "Unallocated" Payment Type?

When Bookeasy processes a payment, it looks at all of the bookings and sale items on the itinerary and distributes that payment to the bookings and sale items.  If the payment being recorded cannot be allocated to an existing booking or sale item, it is "unallocated".

For example, imagine you have cancelled a booking and then record a refund.  When this brand new refund transaction is recorded in Bookeasy, Bookeasy again has a look to see if it can allocate the payment to any existing/outstanding booking or sale item.  In this example, because the booking has been cancelled and/or already fully paid, this refund payment transaction cannot be allocated to a specific booking.  As a result, the payment record is "unallocated".

It should be noted that this all happens behind the scenes and has no effect on balancing end of day payments.  How a payment has been allocated in Bookeasy can be seen when clicking on a payment’s Payment ID (or Payment#).

What’s the "Other Booking" Payment Type?

This payment type refers to payments that have been allocated to a booking that has been processed in Bookeasy using the "Add Other Booking" feature.

*This report was also created in order to replace the legacy dashboard's Payments "By Operator" report.