This guide will teach you how to edit specials from your member console.

  1. Login to your member console
  2. Click the rooms and rates icon on the main dashboard OR hover over Setup and go to Rooms and Rates

  3. Click on edit specials

  4. Existing specials will show on the left hand side of the page

    To add a special

  5. Select the type of special, Either a percentage discount, $ discount or a pay stay deal
  6. Choose the rate plans you would like the special to be applied to
    *Note* - If you are setting up a pay stay deal, you must select the total number of nights rate line for the special to work. EG if you have a pay for 5 stay for 7, you need to select the 7 night rate line.
  7. Enter the title of the special
  8. Enter a description of the special
  9. Enter the 10% or $ amount the special will be applied
  10. Set valid dates and days of the week
  11. Click save