This guide will outline how a destination can setup and create affiliates.

Step One - Once logged into Bookeasy Open the left hand menu > Go to Extras > Client Search
Step Two - Click the Add New Client button at the bottom of the screen

Step Three -  Fill out the relevant details including first and surname > Business Name > Email > Click operator as an agent
Step Four - Once you have selected operator as an affiliate, set the commission type, either a commission value or fixed dollar amount per booking and set the figure in the available field

Step Five - Set the Affiliate type as commission agent. *note* currently the commission affiliate is the only supported affiliate method.

Click Save

Once you have clicked save they will now be an affiliate and you will need to set a user-name and password.

To setup and user name and password simply search the affiliate > Click on the affiliate name > Scroll to the red button to change the user-name and password and click the button > Enter an user-name and password and click save.