This guide will explain how to implement the Affiliate booking Engine (ABE), this will include the information that displays on the page including Google Analytics and Facebook tracking pixels.

Step One - From the Affiliate Booking Engine settings menu item, click the website implementation tab.

  • Booking Page Link - This is the URL you need to place onto your website. Simply copy the link and send to your web developer or copy and place on a button on your website.
  • Preview Your Booking Page - Clicking this button will open your Affiliate Booking Engine in a new window, allowing you to see what a user will see
  • Booking Button Code - This is the styling for a default button. We would recommend using your own custom button if you are not familiar with CSS
  • Return URL - We highly recommend setting up a custom landing page on your website where users are directed after they have completed a booking, simply enter the URL into this field
  • Google Analytics - Enter your Google Analytics tracking code into this section. For more information about Google Analytics click here
  • Facebook Pixel Code - Enter your Facebook Tracking Pixel code into this field. ¬†For more information about Facebook Tracking Pixels click here