Bookeasy has a deep commitment to ensuring both clients and tourism suppliers are up-skilled and confident with using Bookeasy. 

Our training options are focused on proactively helping clients ensure best business practices and increase sales. 

The self help model allows the staff to move at their own pace and choose the modules relevant to your business needs. Staff can choose from video tutorials or written help guides.

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Features and Benefits



Self paced

Staff can move at their own pace.

No restriction of time or venue.

Comprehensive content

All staff at the same level of knowledge at conclusion of training.

Overall inclusiveness of content.

No cost to client

Available to all staff 24/7

Short modules

Staff can schedule time according to individual needs.

Target Audience

  • Organisations with a recent change of staff or staff requiring a refresher
  • Organisations who have identified a need to return to basics and adopt best business practices
  • Organisations with a high staff and booking turnover


  • Best business practices in sales.  Ability to upsell, and meet the customers’ specific needs

  • Best business practices in customer service.  Quick approach to managing reservations, processing payments and cancellations, and problem solving

  • Daily Reconciliation systems in place, including error correcting

  • Best business practices in point of sales.  Includes customer facing enquiries and sales, and stock management and handling

Expected Outcomes 

  • Quality Assurance checks of all supplier listings, including channel mapping and partner connections

  • Provision of supplier support; less need to contact Bookeasy Support

  • Increase of bookings, avoidance of non-inventory bookings, accuracy of reservation management

  • Competency of Point of Sale processes and reporting

  • Able to access help - online, help documentation, support

Assumptions and Dependencies

  • Finance Processes in place

  • Gateway set up

  • Administration settings

  • Competency based assessment with each module


  • Back to Basics

  • Finance

  • Supplier Administration

  • Additional Functionality

  • Point of Sale

  • Member Consoles

Follow Up


If the online self-help model is not for you then Bookeasy has a few different online training options. Click here to view our alternative training options.