The Run Return by Operator report is an option available should you wish to pay out a specific operator monies owed, minus your commission.

You can access this feature via your Bookeasy Staff Console's left menu at Run Operator Returns > Run Return by Operator.

Unlike other operator returns reports, you can preview the bookings and their commission values for the operator selected before committing them to your Operator Return.

Search Settings

Enter the Return Date

Selecting a date using the date picker serves two purposes:

  1. It is the date you wish to record your operator return against.
  2. The date you select will retrieve bookings whereby the booking's "end date" is on or before the date selected

Display closed bookings only

Tick this box if you only want to display bookings whereby it's itinerary has been closed (i.e. completed)

Display fully paid bookings only

Tick this box if you only want to display bookings whereby it's itinerary has been fully paid.

Select Operator

Use the dropdown to search and select the operator you wish to run your Operator Return for.

Select a Location

Although not compulsory, you can select a 'Booking Location' to assist in narrowing down the results


Once satisfied with your search criteria, click the search button to load and list the booking's to display.


Unlike the standard option to Run a New Return, the Run Return by Operator report provides the following features:

  1. If you have a long list of operators, the "Select Operator" dropdown allows you to type to search the operator's name, whereby you can then proceed to select it for the report.  There is an additional icon next to the operator's name, that when clicked will open a new tab/window to the page where you can see that operator's current commission level settings.

  2. You can edit the commission values for each booking before committing them to your Operator Return.  For each row in the report, you can type and adjust either the "Pay to Operator", "Commission Taken" or "Commission Rate" fields.  You can also adjust whether the commission value is a percentage or flat fee commission.  Once you edit one of these fields, the other fields will automatically adjust themselves.  Adjusting these fields also auto-selects the row (i.e. ticks the row).

  3. If you've updated the value of a specific row as per point 1 and have found you've made a mistake or wish to revert the value back to its default, there is a "reset" icon you can click to revert the value back to it's default.

  4. You can use the "Refine Further" text box to type any keyword text, whereby it will automatically filter the report's results.  This might come in handy of you're trying to locate a specific row in the report using the booking number, booking value, etc.  When you remove the text, it automatically un-filters the report and displays all rows.

  5. In the report's footer, you can adjust the Commission Rate and reload the report to reflect the changes before running the actual operator return.  All you need do is enter the commission value, select whether it's a percentage or dollar value, then click the "reload" icon.  This will reload the report where you will see the changes reflected.  

    Unlike editing the values of a specific row (as per point 1), using this method does not auto-select the rows.  Furthermore, if you have already edited the values of a specific row (as per point 1), when you use this method it will not adjust the commission values of those already edited rows (i.e. it will only change the commission values for the rows that are not currently selected/ticked).

Running the Operator Return

You first need to tick and select the bookings you would like to include in your operator return.  Once done, running a return for the operator selected is as easy as clicking the "Run Operator Return" button at the bottom of the report.  This will provide a popup warning where you can confirm you wish to run the return, whereby you will then be taken to the Operator Returns Report you have conducted.