Available in your Bookeasy staff consoles left-hand menu, under the reporting menu option is the Bookeasy  Channel Manager Report. Also available from this URL if logged in.

This report allows you to see a list of operators linked to your centre, showing which operators are connected to which channel managers along with their first update (the very first connection date from when this report started tracking stats) and the last update (the most recent update from the channel partner)

Important Information

The most important information to look for in this report is any operators with duplicate channel managers updating close together OR an overly large update time if the operator is current. This means that the connection could be corrupted as there is an issue.

We have explained the various column names and their function below

Mothership: Will provide a yes or no option to whether you are the mothership

Mothership Name: Will provide the mothership name
Operator ID: Will show you the Operator ID
Operator Name: Will show the operator name
Current Member: Will show a yes/no if the operator is current or not

Channel Manager: Will show the name of the channel manager updating the property

First Update: Shows the first connection stat from when this report started tracking statistics
Last Update: Shows the most recent update from the Channel Partner
Time Ago in Hours: Shows the number of hours ago the last update was received.
Email: Show the main email for the property
Tel No: Shows the main contact number for the property.

The report is also exportable to CSV or Printable by using the available buttons on the page