Bookeasy has recently enhanced its Payment Gateway offering to destination partners with the integration of the Payment Express "PxPost" API.

Similar to Bookeasy’s SecurePay and eWay integrations, the PxPost API is a direct integration, allowing for greater flexibility, interoperability and booking conversion as opposed to the previously used Payment Express "hosted" method, PxPay.

Bookeasy recommends that all destination partners who currently use the hosted PxPay method, make the switch to PxPost in order take advantage of its flexibility and increased booking conversions.

For new and existing Payment Express PxPost merchants, the process of getting up and running with Bookeasy is as follows:

  1. An authorised contact from your organisation will need to reach out to Payment Express requesting they get set up on the PxPost platform.  Bookeasy recommends you contact your Payment Express account manager, or contact Payment Express as per

  2. Once approved, Payment Express will set up a PxPost account

  3. Payment Express will issue you the required credentials to talk to the PxPost API

    From there, you will need to:

  4. Supply Bookeasy with your PxPost API credentials

    Once supplied, Bookeasy will:

  5. Setup your Bookeasy account for PxPost using the supplied API credentials

  6. Conduct a test booking

Verification of the success of payment for the test booking made will need to be confirmed by you, the destination partner.  Once confirmed, Bookeasy will cancel the test booking and request any monies transferred be refunded.

Please note that generally there should be no additional work required by your web developer in order to make the PxPost integration work.  This integration method will present itself on the final booking gadget, whereby it’s styling should inherit the styling already implemented on your booking page.  Should you encounter any styling issues once the PxPost method has been enabled, please contact your web developer so they can make the appropriate styling adjustments to your booking gadget.

Further information regarding the PxPost integration with Bookeasy, including how payments are processed, can be found here.

For further questions regarding the integration of PxPost, please contact Bookeasy Support on +61 7 5668 2530 or