Each Tourism Destination has been set up with an Agent account in the Partner Connection EG REZDY or Livn from there the below steps should be followed

  • Tour Operators using their tour management software will need to send their ‘rates' to each Agent through their Tour Management System account. Instructions on this video for Rezdy: https://goo.gl/Ehbskk - IF using Livn the livn team will help the operator with their system manually.
  • Destinations will receive a notification once that’s done. That means the Operator is ready to be mapped in Bookeasy
  • Destinations can then contact Bookeasy Support to get the Tour Operator mapped in Bookeasy
  • Bookeasy will connect, map & sync the selected operator/product provided via Rezdy - Bookeasy support do this step to ensure the correct steps are followed and no duplicates created.
  • Destinations can then follow the usual process of making bookings via the Bookeasy Staff Console or Destination Website!