Firstly, here's a guide in helping to understand what a Channel Manager is and how they connect to Bookeasy -

*note* - That there is nowhere within Bookeasy for Bookeasy support to action a Channel Manager connection as this is all done within the Channel Manager (XML connection).

To change your Channel Manager linked to Bookeasy, the simplest and easiest way to achieve this is to simply change your Bookeasy Member Console Password. This will break the connection to your old Channel Manager.

When a Channel Manager updates Bookeasy, they require your current Bookeasy username, password, and operator ID, so changing this password will break the connection.
To change your password please contact your mothership visitor centre and they can do this for you. Alternatively simply log in to Bookeasy > Go to business details and type in a new password and click Save.

What do I need to give to my new Channel Manager?

To connect to your beRooms console from your new Channel Manager, you simply require the current credentials below.

1) Operator ID
2) Username
3) Password

Terminology depends per Channel Manager, but many will call your Bookeasy Operator ID the "Property ID".

Where do I find my Operator ID?