Do you have tours that run all day? 

Bookeasy caters to this function through the use of a tick box call "All Day" on the occurrence setup.

A tour operator can now set their occurrence time and tick the "all day" tick box and the system will allow you to book at anytime during the occurrence. From the below screenshot, You will be able to book at anytime between 9am and 4pm on the date of the tour, as we have the All Day option selected.

If you do not use this tick box Bookeasy will make the Tour Unavailable once the occurrence start time has passed. This will stop users from Booking Tours which have departed already.

From the below screenshot, Once 9.00am hits, this Tour will become unavailable in my tour searches.

How do I set this up?

Simply login to a beTours operator > Go to setup > tours or click on the Tours/Tickets icon from the main dashboard >Click on the Tour you wish to edit > Scroll down to occurances under the general tab > Select the all day option