Sounds sci-fi right?  You'll be happy to know that it has nothing to do with alien abduction or UFO's, but rather how Bookeasy refers to Tourism Centres who are an operator's primary point of contact for assistance with their Bookeasy Room, Tours or Tickets Consoles. 

Only one Tourism Centre can be the Mothership for an operator, however an operator can be linked to multiple Tourism Centres in the Bookeasy Network so they can maximise their booking opportunity.  Any Tourism Centre who creates and adds a new tourism operator to their Bookeasy Console is automatically designated the Mothership.


By default, Mothership Tourism Centres are provided instant access so they can login to a Bookeasy Rooms, Tours or Tickets console on behalf of a tourism operator.  Mothership Tourism Centres also have access allowing them to change an operator's blanket Gold Medal or 24 hour status (e.g. they can switch the operator from being instantly bookable to on request, and vice versa).

Although only one Tourism Centre can be the Mothership, Bookeasy still recommends that if a tourism operators requires support or assistance regarding a booking received, that they contact the Tourism Centre who has taken the booking (which might not necessarily be the Mothership).


Changing Motherships

If an operator wishes to change their Mothership Tourism Centre to another centre, they will need to contact Bookeasy. Bookeasy will require the request in writing from the operator before the Mothership change can be made.

Once the Mothership has been changed, an automatic email notification is sent to the operator and the new Mothership confirming the change.

Who should be a mothership?

As you may of guessed from the above any Tourism Centre can be a mothership for an operator. Bookeasy recommends that the Tourism Centre closest to the operator be the mothership. This is by no means a rule set in concrete, this is simply because 9 out of 10 times the operator and the closest centre will often be in contact more than a centre further out. This then presents the mothership with an opportunity to ensure that frequent account checks are performed on the operators console and that they can easily assist the operator with their support queries.