What is SecurePay?

SecurePay is an Australia owned online payments expert and a business of Australia Post which allows organisations to accept payments securely via their destination websites, giving your customers peace of mind whilst minimising your business risk.

In partnership with Bookeasy, SecurePay has worked with Australian businesses for more than 15 years, helping more than 40,000 businesses on their e-commerce journeys.

How Can I Get SecurePay Up and Running?

Setting up SecurePay involves the following process:

  1. Your organisation must obtain or be in possession of an Internet Merchant Account (IMA).  For more information on how you can obtain an IMA, please click here.

  2. Submit your merchant information to Bookeasy. You can do so via this form.

  3. Bookeasy will work with SecurePay in both setting up your online gateway and linking it to your Bookeasy console. In peak periods this process can take anywhere from one to two weeks.

  4. Once setup, Bookeasy will contact you and request you conduct a test transaction.

  5. Wait for the test transaction's funds to be deposited into your business account.

  6. Once deposited, advise Bookeasy so the test transaction can be refunded.

  7. Bookeasy will then provide your SecurePay login details.

  8. That's it! You're ready to start processing payments through your online Gateway!