With the release of Bookeasy 2.0 Phase 2, Tourism Centre staff will be able to set their logins to default to the legacy dashboard for a limited time.

This is accomplished by adjusting the Default Home Page dropdown selection when editing a Staff Members Bookeasy console login.

To access and edit a Staff Members login, in the left menu of your Bookeasy console navigate to Administration > Staff Search

Alternatively you can type Staff Search in the left menu's Filter Menu Options text field.

From here enter the name (of part of the name) of the Staff Member's login you wish to edit and click Search.  Alternatively you can click Search without entering a name to bring up all staff members.

Click on the name of the staff member you wish to edit and scroll down the page where you will find a dropdown labelled Default Home Page.  The dropdown will provide 3 options:

  1. Default Dashboard
    Setting this option will default the staff member to the new Bookeasy 2.0 responsive dashboard when logging in.

  2. Legacy Dashboard
    Setting this option will default the staff member to the original theme legacy dashboard when logging in.

  3. Gadgets Dashboard
    Setting this option will default the staff member to the Gadgets Menu when logging in.

Once you have selected your preferred option, press Save.  Now when that staff member logs in, Bookeasy will display the selected dashboard by default.