Our operator here advises us they are receiving 2 emails for every booking (automatic emails). As they are gold operators, each email makes a booking in their system, therefore for every 1 booking we are making, they are getting 2 bookings in their system. They are not set up to receive a second email when full payment is received, so we are unsure why they are getting 2 emails.


Please note that this is caused by various reasons. 

The most common reason is that the operator has the tick box selected to receive and email once full payment has been taken. This can be found by logging in to the member console, clicking on Business Details and un-ticking the box to recieve and email on full payment. 

However the above question was because the operator had the exact same email address in both the reservations email field (where reservations are sent to) and the managers email field (where emails are also sent to) To fix this issue please follow the below steps.

Login > Perform and operator search > Click on the operators name > See the managers email address field > The email in here will either need to be removed or changed.